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125 Ampere IP67 63A Industrial Plugs And Sockets 230V 380V , Surface Mounted

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125 Ampere IP67 63A Industrial Plugs And Sockets 230V 380V , Surface Mounted

চীন 125 Ampere IP67 63A Industrial Plugs And Sockets 230V 380V , Surface Mounted সরবরাহকারী

বড় ইমেজ :  125 Ampere IP67 63A Industrial Plugs And Sockets 230V 380V , Surface Mounted

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Place of Origin: China
পরিচিতিমুলক নাম: KRIPAL
সাক্ষ্যদান: CE
Model Number: UKS-D series


Minimum Order Quantity: 100 pcs
মূল্য: negotiable
Packaging Details: Standard Exporting Package
Delivery Time: 20 days and depends on ordering quantity
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Supply Ability: 50000 pcs per month
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Material: NYLON PA6, PC, copper IP Protection: IP67
Pins available: 3 pins 4 pins 5pins Voltage: 220V-250V, 380V-415V
Current range: 63A, 125A Frequency: 50/60 Hz
লক্ষণীয় করা:

Appliance Inlet


Pin and Sleeve Plug


125 Ampere IP67 63A Industrial Plugs And Sockets 230V 380V , Surface Mounted


In Europe, the most common range of heavy industrial plugs are made to IEC 60309 (formerly IEC 309) and various standards based on it (including BS 4343 and BS EN 60309-2). These are often referred to in the UK as CEE industrial, CEE form or simply CEE plugs.





Industrial Plug

Rated current


No. of poles

2P+E, 3P+E 3P+N+E


220V-250V; 380V-4150V

Protection degree


Power type

Single Phase, Three Phase

Conductor cross-sectional area (mm2)

1.5-4(16A), 2.5-10(32A)


NYLON PA6, PC, copper  


RAL5017 (Blue); RAL3000 (Red); RAL7000 (Cyan); RAL9018 (White).





Connections which make excellent contacts

There is nothing more important in electronic engineers than perfect contacts. The copper zinc alloy pins create the best contact connections with a high electric conductivity. Highly heat resistant contact supports with nickel-plating ensure an increased level o corrosion resistance in aggressive environments such as sea water, water vapor, Industrial environments, sculpture compounds, agriculture etc which has proven itself in practice over the years.


Connections which are perfectly stable.

CEE plug connections not only hold steady, they are also highly resilient. Their high disruptive strength, high wear resistance and great stability against external mechanical wear are just some of their advantages. Of course, they easily fulfill the specified 1K codes conforming to EN 50102. Their long life ensures an efficient investment in the highest quality.


Connections that stay safely together

Safety is a top priority. This is as true for installation as it is for servicing. Holders prevent unintended withdrawal via snapping-in of the hinged lid into the retaining lug or slot as well as the tried and true bayonet system in protection class 1P67. Innovative cable screw connections with integrated strain relief, locking and kink protection, injected untouchable seals and closed easy-to-clean surfaces are further quality characteristics which define our products.







Present in the Earth’s surface and atmosphere, space and variety of natural environmental factors induced by environmental factors, many of them larger factors on the use of electrical products and life no less than a dozen. Effect of temperature on the product is the most obvious.

At low temperature, high temperature conditions, and other relevant physical characteristics of the product environment simulation test, after the test, by testing to determine the performance of the product, is still able to meet predetermined requirements.




Glow-wire test machine is to use analog technology assessment or overload due glowing elements like resistance, resulting in a short fire risk of thermal stress. 



Industrial plug and socket, connector is a new generation connector appratus for power connecting, has the features such as security & reliability.They are used widly in the place such as steel smelt, petrochemical processing, electric power, electronic, railway, building ground, airport, mine.
 125 Ampere IP67 63A Industrial Plugs And Sockets 230V 380V , Surface Mounted


We can provide full range of industrial plug socket:
Protection IP44/IP67 
Current 16A, 32A, 63A, 125A, 250A, 420A
Pins 2P+E, 3P+E, 3P+N+E
Voltage 20-25V; 40-50V; 110V-130V; 220-250V; 380-415V; 247V-690V
PLUG & SOCKET Low voltage plug socket <50V
Industrial plug, industrial socket
Wall mounted socket, wall mounted plug
Panel mounted socket, panel mounted plug
Interlocked switched socket
BOX Industrial portable socket box
Industrial plastic socket box
Power maintenance box (stainless) 
Power maintenance box (plastic) 
Industrial lighting box (plastic) 
Industrial lighting box (metal) 
Distribution box for exhibition box 
T. V / Film power distribution box 
Distribution box with power and compress air outlet
Accessories Cap for 16A, 32A, 63A, 125A plug



যোগাযোগের ঠিকানা
Zhejiang KRIPAL Electric Co., Ltd.

ব্যক্তি যোগাযোগ: Allen

টেল: +8613780109789

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IP66 IP67 32 Amp স্লোলার পিভি সিস্টেমের জন্য রোটারি বিচ্ছিন্নকারী স্যুইচ ডিসকানেক্টর

Semko, VDE, CCC, CE IP65 2 ~ 5 পি 10A ~ 150A রোটার বিচ্ছিন্নতা স্যুইচ করুন বৈদ্যুতিক বিচ্ছিন্নতা স্যুইচ জলরোধী সুইচ

Weatherproof 100 Amp Disconnect Switch with 1NO+1NC For Rotary Isolating

Waterproof IP65 Rotary Isolator Switch / 2 Pole 3 Pole Disconnect Switch

শিল্পকৌশল পাওয়ার সকেট

Blue IP44 Industrial Power Socket Pin And Sleeve Electrical Connectors

Pin and Sleeve Plug Industrial Power Socket IP44 IP67 Coupler Connector

কোণায় আঙুলের আচ্ছাদন 20 ° IP44 শিল্পকৌশল পাওয়ার সকেট একক বা তিনটি ফেজ 16A, 32A, 63A 220V-250V; 380V-415V

Mechanical Interlock Industrial Power Switched Sockets , Single / Three Phase

এসি Contactor

তিন ফেজ ফায়ার-রিচার্যান্ট এনক্লসোর এসি কম্প্রেসার কন্টাকর এবং রিলেস 180 এ

ইলেকট্রিক সুইচ স্যুইচ এসি Contactor চৌম্বক 9A 12A 18A 22A

জিএমসি 4 পি মিনি মেকানিক্যাল ইন্টারলাকিং হোম এসি Contactor জিএমসি 9mr 9এ 3 ফেজ Contactor

9A 12A 18A 22A সিঙ্গল ফেজ ডোল স্টার্টার এসি Contactor অনির্দিষ্ট উদ্দেশ্য

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